Get Slow At Our Luxurious Carlsbad Hotel

Official Site – The Beach Terrace Inn is unique among Carlsbad and San Diego hotels.  With a privileged location directly on the beach, our Carlsbad beach hotel evokes the climate of relaxation.  We are passionately driven to be Slow, the kind of Slow that eases the mind and refreshes the body.  We believe the world stops where our sand begins.  At our luxurious sandy playground, you may experience quiet oceanside pleasures:  the beauty of a step by step descent to the sand or a solitary run on a deserted beach.  We support splashing in the surf as a means of family renewal. We vote for adventures in Carlsbad Village or a fantasy visit to Legoland.

At our luxurious hotel in Carlsbad CA, you are allowed to relax as you see fit.  Be that surfing the waves, the web or the sheets, Beach Terrace Inn, our Carlsbad hotel,  is a haven where you may find your personal Slow.  Revel in a Southern California sunset or laugh at the beach front pool with children who would normally rather just text. Alone, or shared with those whom you love, at Beach Terrace Inn you may find your moment of regeneration.



We believe size matters, so we’ve chosen to be a small hotel with big rooms rather than a big hotel with small rooms.  We’ve remained owned by the same family since the 1960’s.  We are an independent, personal and quirky Carlsbad hotel.  We’ve grown organically, as needed, not as part of a master-planned community.  We believe in personality and choose to be remarkable rather than flashy.  We put our faith in love for what we do and in our Carlsbad hotel location, not in hype or endless brand advertising.